Ernest Hemingway's photos are taken from and they are under license CC BY-SA 3.0.
© Federico Colautti
© Anna Finotto
© Simone Braca
News Papa | Adriana told by Andrea di Robilant
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Adriana told by Andrea di Robilant

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Andrea di Robilant presents in Caorle, pending the Papa Award 2018, his new book “Autumn in Venice. Hemingway and the last muse”. It is 1948 when Ernest Hemingway arrives in Italy with his fourth wife Mary Welsh. The steamer which was to lead the couple in Provence fails to arrive in Cannes due to bad weather and must necessarily navigate to Genoa. For Hemingway it is a shock: he had been missing from Italy for thirty years, since he was eighteen when he fought on the Italian front. Between a drink and a hunt he goes as far as Venice and Caorle where he meets a young Venetian aristocrat, Adriana Ivancich, whom he falls in love with.